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Canon Colorado M - series

LED-UV Printer
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Colorado M-series is the latest modular roll-to-roll printer. With its scalable configuration and easy-to-use white ink option provides a broad range of creative applications, making it ideal for delivering spectacular printouts. The M-series provides a choice of output speeds with the Colorado M3 and M5. The M3 offers a maximum print speed of 111m²/hr, while the M5 boasts a maximum print speed of 159m²/hr. Users can upgrade from one speed to the other temporarily for production peaks or permanently for a future-proof solution. The patented FLXfinish+ technology is an easy upgrade option, enabling customers to print images with a glossy, matte, or a combination of both finishes on the same media. Overall, the Colorado M-series offers a versatile, modular, and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes, with the capability to expand with their growing demands.

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